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Healing Salve

Healing Salve

Plainspeak: For skin wounds.


Flowerly Overindulgence: I try and refrain from ancedotal evidence whenever possible, but this is absolutley my favorite product, and my personal results with it have been spectacular.  My attempt at conveying the incredible nature of this salve feel somewhat curbed, as I can't find a combination of words that accuratley coagulate my enthusiasm.  Most of my products aren't essential items, they're focused on anti-aging, and it's somewhat of a luxury to worry about aging.  But everyone gets cuts and scrapes, and skin infections can get very nasty very fast, so I feel an obligation to get this into everyone's cabinet.



The effects of Beeswax, Olive oil and Butter impregnated bandage on burn wound healing


Olive oil promotes wound healing of mice pressure injuries through NOS-2 and Nrf2


Angiogenic and wound healing potency of virgin coconut oil


Evaluation of Antioxidant and Wound Healing Effects of Alcoholic and Aqueous Extract of Ocimum sanctum Linn. (Tulsi) 


Effect of Ocimum sanctum Linn. (Tulsi) on normal and dexamethasone suppressed wound healing


Wound healing potential of lavender oil by acceleration of granulation and wound contraction through induction of TGF-β


Antioxidant and wound healing activity of Lavandula aspic L. ointment


A Comparison Study of Growth Factor Expression following Treatment with Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, Saline Solution, Povidone-Iodine, and Lavender Oil in Wounds Healing


The Antibacterial Activity of Lavender Essential Oil Alone and In Combination with Octenidine Dihydrochloride against MRSA Strains


A randomized controlled trial of topical tea tree preparation for MRSA colonized wounds


Hydrogels Containing Nanocapsules and Nanoemulsions of Tea Tree Oil Provide Antiedematogenic Effect and Improved Skin Wound Healing


Biological activities of frankincense essential oil in human dermal fibroblasts


The antibacterial activity of geranium oil against Gram-negative bacteria isolated from difficult-to-heal wounds


Exploration of the wound healing potential of Helichrysum


Helichrysum italicum: From traditional use to scientific data


 Helichrysum and ylang ylang essential oils, as well as Immortelle primarily inhibited tissue remodeling-related proteins, suggesting a wound healing property

  • FORMULATION - Know what's in what you put on

    White Beeswax*----------------30.41%

    Unrefined Coconut Oil*------30.38%

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil*---------30.38%

    Essential Oil Concentration: 8.83%

    Tulsi (Holy Basil)*(India)---------1.93%

    Spike Lavender*(Spain)---------1.24%

    Maillette Lavender*(France)---1.24%


    CO2 Frankincense(India)------0.98%

    Tea Tree*(Aulstralia or South Africa)-0.98%


    Ylang Ylang*(Madagascar)----0.49%


    Seville Lavender*(Spain)--------0.25%



  • SOURCING - Show and tell

    White Beeswax*----------------Mary Taylor Naturals

    Unrefined Coconut Oil*------Nutiva

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil*---------Bragg

    Essential Oil Concentration: 8.83%

    Tulsi (Holy Basil)*(India)---------Eden Botanicals

    Spike Lavender*(Spain)---------Eden Botanicals

    Maillette Lavender*(France)---Eden Botanicals

    Rosalina*(Aulstralia)-------------Eden Botanicals

    CO2 Frankincense(India)------Eden Botanicals

    Tea Tree*(Aulstralia or South Africa)-Eden Botanicals

    Geranium*(Egypt)----------------Eden Botanicals

    Ylang Ylang*(Madagascar)----Mountian Rose Herbs

    Helichrysum*(Croatia)-----------Eden Botanicals

    Seville Lavender*(Spain)--------Eden Botanicals




    Wash your hands! Always wash your hands before treating wounds. 

    Shipping to hot areas:  This salve melts at about 90 degrees, so shipping to hot areas can be problematic.  In such instances, the lotion will be chilled and insulated and should go unmelted, provided it doesn't have to sit for hours in a hot mailbox.   If it does melt, it's still perfectly fine to use.

    Allergy test:  Always allergy test skincare products before you use them!  Rub a little bit on your inner bicep, and wait for 30 minutes.  It shouldn't hurt, turn red or break out.

    Usage Notes: Unless your'e getting wounded all the time, this jar will last you between 4-10 years.  You're going to want to follow certain protocals

    1.  Keep it in a cool dark place with the lid on tight

    2.  Don't get the salve out of the jar with your fingers, use a clean spoon or some type of instrument so that you don't introduce any pathogens.


    In 2015 I got a rather innocuous scrape on my thigh.  I didn't take care of it, which was normal for me.  It got infected and it was sore and hurt for a couple of weeks, but eventually healed up on its own.  Afterward, there was an area of my skin about the size of a grapefruit that was numb.  I asked my dermatologist about it, and he said the infection probably damaged some nerves and that the feeling may or may not ever come back.  Not long after, my son got a staph infection, which healed up fine, but it was scary nonetheless.  Over the next few years, I was transformed from someone who didn't know anything about wound healing and never even paid attention to my own wounds, to someone who took meticulous care of them.  

    When I'm coming up with a formulation, so much time and energy is spent researching and planning and sourcing, that when the time comes to actually make and test the product it's really exciting.  The day finally comes to make the salve, and I make it, but I there's nothing to test in on.  It felt truly odd to be kind of excited for my next injury, and I had no idea that later that night I would receive the worst flesh wound I'd had in my entire life.  

    I'm at work, and a rusty nailhead was sticking out of a board, and it caught my nipple as I moved quickly past.  Initially, I typed a much more descriptive account of the injury in this space, but it's kind of gross and not really necessary, suffice it to say that my nipple was ripped.  It was not exactly how I envisioned testing the salve I made earlier that day, but still, it was probably the perfect opportunity.  I applied the salve 5-6 times a day, and over the next week, I was so astounded by how fast it was healing that I would just stand in the mirror and stare at it.  It was like I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  So far I've had 2 other people report the same thing.  Hoping to grow that to 2 million or so.  

    An update on my leg, as of writing this (March 26, 2021) that area of my skin is still numb, although I think the feeling is coming back because I get 'pins and needles' sometimes, and sometimes it feels like it's on fire (although that's only happened 3 times, they've all been this month).  It feels so weird when I touch it, as I can only 'feel it' in my hand and not my leg, the first few years after the injury I would rub it all the time, and even to this day if you hang out with me for more than an hour you'll probably see me reach down and rub my hand over the outside of my left thigh.  

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